Monday, October 02, 2023

Scrapper - Sunday 8th October 5pm

"Winner of the World Cinema Dramatic Grand Jury Prize, 'Scrapper', directed by Charlotte Regan, is a delightfully hilarious film from the UK. After her mom dies, Georgie, 12, lives alone in her flat, supporting herself by stealing bikes with her friend Ali. Everything seems to be going well until a young man shows up who claims to be her estranged father, Jason. Georgie is too grown up, Jason too immature, and she's suspicious about why he has appeared after being a deadbeat dad all these years. Scrapper is just one of those sweet, funny films that takes pleasure in the wonder of youth, with really tight, honest writing that is unexpected and fun" - Josh Flanders, Chicago Reader.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Afire - Sunday 1st October 5pm

Another Members' Choice this week with AFIRE. Leon (Thomas Schubert) goes away to his friend Leon's parents' house for some peace and quiet to write his book. When they arrive, they find the house is not empty; Leon's Mum forgot to tell him that Nadja was already staying there... and the forest fire is getting closer and closer...

"Afire is an entertainment with spark and philosophical insight" - Jonathan Romney. Financial Times

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Night Of The 12th - Sunday 24th September 5pm


The Night Of The 12th is an edge-of-the-seat police drama for you here, with a difference; it is based on a real case...and one that was not solved. A young woman is murdered walking home one night. The police begin to investigate but can't find the killer, not because there are no suspects, but because there are so many; Clara was a party animal who liked 'bad boys'. The police are convinced it was an ex-boyfriend...but which one?
“A brutally engrossing drama.” - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
“The film never stops sending chills up your spine.” - Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture

Monday, September 11, 2023

L’immensit√† - Sunday 17th September 5pm


Sometimes life just seems too big to cope with, and L’immensit√†  follows a family where that is all too true. Centred on the mother, Clara (Penelope Cruz) who is cracking up trying to keep here family together; trying to ignore her husband's extra marital shenanigans and trying to understand her eldest daughter, Adriana, who - if she only knew it back in 1970 Rome where this is set - is suffering from gender dysphoria and insists on being called Andrea.

"The force of Cruz’s charisma — she’s like a cross between Sophia Loren and a solar flare — is more than enough to justify spending time with the family." - Wendy Ide, Screen International

Monday, September 04, 2023

And Then Come The Nightjars - Sunday 10th September 5pm


Our Autumn programme starts this Sunday 10th with And Then Comes The Nightjars which will be introduced by the director Paul Robinson (who also directed the stage version of The 39 Steps which has just finished it's run at the Theatre By The Lake). The film should have lots of local interest as a heart-warming story of friendship and survival set against the backdrop of the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak. The film started life as a stage play, written by Bea Roberts, which itself won many awards. The film has been made by the same people - director Paul Robinson, writer Bea Roberts and main actors, David Fielder and Nigel Hastings - so you can see it is a labour of love.

The film starts at 5pm but we hope you can join us from 4:30pm for free drinks and a chance to chat and get back into the Film Club vibe.