Sunday, July 10, 2016

Relaxed Screening: High Society - Thursday 1.30pm

In this strange time of political upsets, arguments and challenges, I wonder if a good easy-to-watch film on the big screen would calm you down..? Well, if so, you might want to come along to the latest in our series of 'Relaxed Screenings' this Thursday, 14th July at 1.30pm at the Alhambra.

We are showing the classic comedy 'High Society'; the music of Cole Porter drives the whole thing along - Grace Kelly is the High Society lady about to marry a solid, but boring man, after her 'True Love' marriage with Bing Crosby has ended. Frank Sinatra is a sleazy reporter who comes along to gloat but (you guessed it) decides she looks 'Sensational'...

It's only £5 and if you know anyone who might need help to get them there, their companion can come along for FREE!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Dementia Friendly Screening: Singin' In The Rain - Wednesday 1:30pm

For those of you who came to the festival, you may remember we showed a 'dementia friendly' screening of Calamity Jane. This was the result of a grant we received to promote films which help reconnect people with dementia to their memories, and to make the environment in the cinema as friendly as possible for them; essentially this means showing classic films, allowing more time for the audience to settle, leaving room for wheelchairs and leaving the lights on (but dimly!). 

We now have three more dates for these set, which are being shown in co-operation with the Keswick WI and various  local dementia organisations  (and, of course, Tom at the Alhambra!). We are charging only £5 to get in and any carers get in free of charge. This doesn't stop you coming too!

The first film is being shown this Wednesday (18th May) at 1.30 at the Alhambra - Singin' in the Rain needs no introduction from me! So if you want to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in front of a large screen, why not join us at the Alhambra? The weather forecast is threatening rain then too, so bring out your umbrella...but maybe avoid swinging on too many lamp posts!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Summer Break

The weather may suggest otherwise but we're now on our summer break. Of course there will still be plenty of great films to see at the Alhambra and the film club will be back in September. Hopefully you'll consider joining, we haven't confirmed the prices yet but this year it was only £7 and saves you £1 for every film you see, including the festival.

Talking of the festival, the good news for us all was that Ian Payne took over the job of running it from Ann Martin after her 10 fantastic years as Director. We should thank both Ann for her amazing work AND Ian for be willing to take over -  Thanks both! We do now need a new Club Secretary though. This is not too heavy a task, so I hope you will think about volunteering.

Don't forget we're on Twitter as @keswickfilm and will continue to tweet details of things coming up at the Alhambra throughout the year.

See you in September.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Youth - Sunday 27th March 5pm

The Keswick Film Club season concludes with Paolo Sorrentino's first (or possibly second) film in English, Youth.

Starring Michael Caine  (Ballinger) and Harvey Keitel (Boyle) as a composer and film director respectively, both men ponder a last hurrah as they reach the end of their careers.The reviewer from Seven Days loved it - — "How the hell did Paolo Sorrentino's latest not dominate awards season?  Spotlight and The Big Short are timely films. Youth is timeless.

The Italian writer-director's is easily on a par with his 2013 masterpiece The Great Beauty. That picture earned the Foreign Language Film Oscar, so it's particularly baffling that this sumptuous follow-up was overlooked and underestimated."

Uncut was also impressed both with the acting and the sumptuous cinematography -  "Beneath its luxurious surface, bubble themes of regret. The tone is wistful, as Ballinger and Boyle consider lost loves, lost time and encroaching old age. Boyle is working on a script – his “moral testament” – while Ballinger reflects on his wife’s sad decline into Altzheimer's. “Being young makes everything close," he says. "Being old makes everything far away."

"Caine is terrific – inscrutable and distant, but evidently there are depths behind his oversized horn-rimmed glasses. The sense of dry, wintry pathos is superb. It’s great to see him doing such good work, and you wish he'd do more of it. A late arriving cameo from Jane Fonda, as a fading Hollywood star, suddenly breaks the mood of languid introspection, but is in keeping with Sorrentino’s penchant for grotesque characters – and is, critically, very funny."

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Some Like It Hot - Tuesday 22nd March 5pm

For our last classic this season, we go back to comedy with Billy Wilder's gender-buster Some Like It Hot. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are on the run from the mob disguised as women - Josephine and Daphne. They board a train as part of an all-women band, whose singer and ukulele player (naturally) is Marilyn Monroe. The inevitable love triangle is further complicated by yet more disguises, and a real millionaire who decides to chat up Daphne…

Voted by the American Film Institute in 2000 as the best comedy film ever, this has to be a film to watch over and over. As Roger Ebert said "Wilder's 1959 comedy is one of the enduring treasures of the movies, a film of inspiration and meticulous craft".