Monday, May 16, 2016

Dementia Friendly Screening: Singin' In The Rain - Wednesday 1:30pm

For those of you who came to the festival, you may remember we showed a 'dementia friendly' screening of Calamity Jane. This was the result of a grant we received to promote films which help reconnect people with dementia to their memories, and to make the environment in the cinema as friendly as possible for them; essentially this means showing classic films, allowing more time for the audience to settle, leaving room for wheelchairs and leaving the lights on (but dimly!). 

We now have three more dates for these set, which are being shown in co-operation with the Keswick WI and various  local dementia organisations  (and, of course, Tom at the Alhambra!). We are charging only £5 to get in and any carers get in free of charge. This doesn't stop you coming too!

The first film is being shown this Wednesday (18th May) at 1.30 at the Alhambra - Singin' in the Rain needs no introduction from me! So if you want to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in front of a large screen, why not join us at the Alhambra? The weather forecast is threatening rain then too, so bring out your umbrella...but maybe avoid swinging on too many lamp posts!