Monday, November 28, 2016

Embrace Of The Serpent - Sunday 4th December 5pm

This week's film promises to be very beautiful. A contender for this year's Best Foreign Film at the Oscars, Embrace of the Serpent takes us on two journeys, 30 years apart, into the heart of the Amazon, following the trails of two explorers who both meet the same shaman. The critics vie for the most enthusiastic descriptions: "breathtakingly gorgeous" – Kevin Maher, Times,  "visionary and wildly ambitious" – Geoffrey Macnab, Independent, "what a gripping an absorbing piece of work" – Peter Bradshaw, Guardian, etc etc. It is hard to find any bad words about this film (It scores 98% on Rotten Tomatoes); let’s hope we love it too!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Julieta - Sunday 27th November 5pm

A new film by Pedro Almodóvar must be a highlight for any season. I watched the trailer in Spanish (which I don't speak) and the pictures were ravishing. We, however, will see Julieta with the usual subtitles. The film won best director at Cannes this year. It's based on three Alice Munro short stories and tells of a mother's search for her estranged daughter Antía and all that goes before it with Julieta played by two actors at different stages of her life. It's been suggested as most reminiscent of Almodóvar's Volver.  So we continue a season filled with our F (for female) rated films.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Clan - Sunday 20th November 5pm

The latest from director Pablo Trapero promises to be an icy look at the minds of a family who are willing to kidnap and kill just to make money: The Clan is the Puccio family in Argentina who continued 'disappearing' people after democracy had returned in 1983. How much the family are in on the father's schemes you can decide, but the resulting film is a gripping thriller.

"The patriarch is Arquimedes Puccio, played brilliantly by Guillermo Francella, his piercing, pale-blue eyes gazing from another, darker world"  - Kate Muir, Times. "Related in gritty Scorsese fashion with striking Hollywood style, and revealing Trapero's top-notch storytelling prowess and expert technical flair, the movie builds to a truly stunning climax" – Alan Jones, Radio Times

Monday, November 07, 2016

The Land of the Enlightened - Rheged Screening, Sunday 13th November 5pm

Our Rheged film is from Belgium directed by Pieter-Jan de Pue in Persian and English and shot on 16mm film over seven years. It tells a partly documentary story of Afghanistan after the Americans leave. Gangs of children make use of everything that was left behind including mines and control the trade in lapis lazuli. The stunning cinematography is definitely suited to the giant screen.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Relaxed Screening: West Side Story - Wednesday 16th November 1:30pm

Our next relaxed screening is West Side Story. This special screening is suitable for anyone who needs a more easy-going environment, particularly those living with dementia.

Wednesday 16th November at 1.30pm, Keswick Alhambra. All Welcome
Tickets priced at £5 per person. Companions go free.