Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poetry - Sunday 29th January 5pm

This Sunday's film is Poetry, a south Korean film with a startlingly good central performance by Yun Jiong-hie, who came out of retirement to play Mija, an elderly nurse who discovers she has early Alzheimer's disease.
According to Time Out,
"True to the spirit of the title, writer-director Lee organises the sprawling mess of Mija’s personal life with the control and grace of a master, each digression and seemingly arbitrary encounter all building upon his elderly protagonist’s spiralling sense of distress. So relaxed is the pacing, you suspect certain segments would not have worked were it not for Yun’s exhilarating, meticulous central performance......As with Chekhov’s theory of the gun, anyone who starts a film going to poetry classes is eventually going to come up with a poem. The one Mija finally delivers will rip your heart to shreds."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

KFC On The Road: Dr Zhivago, Mungrisdale, Fri 27th

If any of you are in the mood for a old classic film, why not go along to Dr Zhivago, our 'KFC on the Road' presentation at Mungrisdale Village Hall on Friday 27th January at 7.30. I have been there twice now and I guarantee a warm reception; give it a try and you might well become a regular there too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Red Machine - Sunday 22nd January 5pm

After two weeks in France we are off to America for this week's film - The Red Machine.

Set in the 1930s, when the US and Japan were still allies (at least on paper). This is the story of an attempt to steal Japan's 'Enigma Machine'...but without Japan knowing it. A very tight-lipped, stoney-faced Navy spy and a wisecracking safe-breaker are teamed up to accomplish the task, both bringing their own baggage along. In a clever touch, the directors change the scene colouring and background music to fit the two main characters.

What results is a tightly shot heist movie - the final robbery scene where silence is essential had me on the edge of my seat - shot like a 40s B crime movie... BUT... is it a spoof? Only you can decide, but I think you will enjoy it either way.


Friday, January 13, 2012

The Swimming Pool - Sunday 15th January 5pm

We stay across La Manche for this Sunday's film, with a classic from 1969 - The Swimming Pool. Alain Delon, Romy Schneider and a young Jane Birkin, (just 3 years after she was in Blow Up, to give you something of a timeline).  From a review of the DVD:
This dark drama .......may have been the film in production near St. Tropez when on October 1, 1968, Delon's shady bodyguard was found murdered. Delon's movements were investigated and he was held for questioning, though he was never charged with the crime. Nevertheless, the scandal was the talk of Europe for many months and never entirely went away, cementing Delon's dangerous image and forever blurring his offscreen life to film roles. 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Well Diggers Daughter - Sunday 8th January 5pm

We start the club season THIS SUNDAY (8 January) with our usual free drinks - 4.15 at the Alhambra - a chance to shake off the January blues, forget the wind and say hello to each other again. It is also a chance for you to buy this season's pass. £26 will get you in to all twelve films - a bargain in anyone's book! These will be on sale at a table in the stalls (warmer than by the front door!) AND, if you haven't already joined the club, you can  still pay for this year's membership; at £7, you STILL have chance to save money - not only do you get £1 off ALL club films, you save £1 on ALL festival films too! How can you resist!

Sunday's film at 5.00pm  is 'The Well Digger's Daughter' - Daniel Auteuil stars, as well as directing his first movie here. A 1940s tale of love, class and honour, set in pre-WW2 Provence, we follow the beautiful Daughter of the title as she falls in love with the well-off shopkeeper's son...just in time to get pregnant as he flies off to war. The Well Digger then has to decide how to deal with his favourite daughter without losing honour in his local community. The story comes from a book by Marcel Pagnol, who also wrote 'Jean de Florette' and 'Manon des Sources', two films which brought Daniel Auteuil to fame in the 1980s...