Friday, June 20, 2014

Frank at Keswick Festival - Sunday 29th June 5:30pm

In case you hadn't seen the adverts around the town, the Keswick Festival is happening from 22 to 29 June. The idea is to show off as many of Keswick's clubs and events as possible and we have agreed to put on a film to tie in with the week.

Our slot will be Sunday 29th June at 5.30 and the film we are showing is 'Frank'. 'Frank' is a comedy based on the real life character Chris Sievey who made 'his' name by becoming Frank Sidebottom in what we can only call a musical cabaret; the point of his act was that he wore an enormous papier-mache head!

To make this film version stranger, Frank is played by the great Michael Fassbender ('Hunger', 'Shame', '12 years a Slave'), but we never see his face. The film has had a great reception from critics and audiences alike; I hope you will like it too!