Monday, August 27, 2018

Our 20th Year Programme

The committee debated long and hard whether we needed to do a special programme for our twentieth year; should we rerun films from each year, or maybe pick some of the favourites? We decided in the end that what makes our programme one of the best in the country is that we have new films that have not been seen here before, that bring that little extra to Keswick; so why change a good thing?!

So our Twentieth Year starts with another season of films from around the world, including Paraguay, Indonesia and even the Dominican Republic. We have a couple of comedies to start and finish the season - the French C’est La Vie, the latest from the director of Untouchable, starts us off on September 9th, while the Icelandic Under the Tree finishes the season.

Between the two, we go to Germany for the dramatic In the Fade, Poland for the love story (of sorts) Cold War and Spain for a beautiful tale of children Summer 1993.

We visit very unusual lands with Cocote from the Dominican Republic, Marlina from Indonesia and The Heiresses from Paraguay. Slightly more normal (for us at least), Wajib comes from Palestine Shoplifters from Japan and Custody from France, which leaves the rest of the season to the US and UK.

Two of these films were chosen by our members - Lean on Pete and First Reformed - and we thought the last film from Harry Dean Stanton - Lucky - deserved a showing. A film that went down well at the ICO previews - American Animals - finishes the programme.

We hope you enjoy them all.