Friday, October 26, 2012

The Source - Sunday 28th October 5pm

What would you think if you had to walk up a dangerous mountain path each day to carry water back to your village?

For the second in our short season of 'the power of water' films, we are off to an un-named African country this weekend, where the stage is set for the local women to take on this centuries old tradition. Why should they have to carry the water from a mountain spring when their men could build a pipeline that would remove the danger? 'The Source'  is a comedy drama which tries to bring out all sides of this argument, not just showing the men as lazy chauvinists, or portraying Muslim women as oppressed victims. The women decide to go on a 'love strike', which gets into the national press. Wrap this all up with some great acting and fantastic scenery and the resulting film is a kind of 'Made in Dagenham' for the Arab Spring.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Even The Rain - Sunday 21st October 5pm

As the storm lashes itself against my windows Even the Rain suddenly seems an appropriate choice for Sunday's offering. But don't let that put you off, Even the Rain promises to be more climatic than climactic and it should take our minds off what's going on outside.
It will strike chords with the KFC audience given the involvement of Paul Laverty, Ken Loach's scriptwriter. The View London review said "Laverty's thought provoking script is excellent, cleverly drawing three-way parallels between Columbus' exploitation of the Native Americans, Bolivia's shameful (and real-life) privatisation of its own water supply (even forbidding locals to collect their own rainwater) and the film crew's own exploitation of Bolivia's workers in the name of cheaper location costs and budgetary constraints.and concluded "Impressively directed and superbly written, Even the Rain is an emotionally powerful drama with a thought-provoking script and terrific performances from its two leads"


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Turin Horse: Audience Score 66%

Well a fantastic experience tonight! Bela Tarr will certainly be missed by Keswick Film Club if the reaction to 'The Turin Horse' is anything to go by. One visitor to Keswick told me 'this was the first art film I have seen. It wasn't what I am used to, but it was beautiful'. Another written comment was ' Bela Tarr challenges our assumption about what a film should be - very refreshing, Thank you for showing it!' Were you there? What did you think? Go on to Facebook now and tell us.

The Turin Horse - Sunday 14th October 5pm

We have ... and experience for you this week! The Turin Horse, directed by Bela Tarr.  To set the mood, here's a quote from (an admittedly little known) critic - Jeffery M Anderson (Combustible Celluloid) -
'The good news is that a new Bela Tarr movie is here. The bad news is that Tarr, who is easily one of the greatest film makers alive today -- and perhaps of all time -- has announced that The Turin Horse will be his last' .
Bela Tarr is a grandmaster of film direction, specialising in long takes to pull you into the film (his first film had only two takes...and it was 'Macbeth'!). For this film, he takes us to the end of the world..or is he re-running the beginning of the world, but backwards...?