Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dates For Your Diary

The Club AGM will be held at 4pm on March 22nd - before the screening of The Silence of Lorna. It would be good to see plenty of members at the meeting: please come and express your views on KFC's 2008-9 year.

We're glad to report that a date has been found for the screening of Gomorrah - which didn't happen in December because of non-arrival of the print. Both the Alhambra and all the prints of the film have been very busy, but we can now announce that Gomorrah will be screened at 5pm on Saturday 28th March.

This now makes for a special weekend for film enthusiasts: you also have the extremely rare chance to see both parts of Che on the following day, starting at 2.30pm and going through to 7.30pm ('tea' interval included!). Where else in North Western England...?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Keswick Film Festival

Many of you will have attended (and hopefully enjoyed) the 10th Keswick Film Festival at the weekend. If you head over to the festival website you will find details of the short film competition winners, some photos from the weekend on the Festival Blog and soon we'll be announcing the winner of the inaugural audience award.