Monday, September 24, 2018

The Heiresses - Sunday 30th September 5pm

Winner of awards at Berlin and Seattle, The Heiresses is a beautiful look at the problems and opportunities when life changes unexpectedly as "A withdrawn, middle-aged gay woman slowly inches out of the shadows of her dissatisfaction as she's forced to navigate a life separated from her more outgoing partner of 30 years... Minor-key and subdued to a fault, the drama nonetheless builds emotional involvement by infinitesimal degrees through its acute observation of characters and social context and its ultra-naturalistic performances" - David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter.

Join and share our Facebook event if you are coming along.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Lean On Pete - Sunday 23rd September 5pm

Our film this week follows on from Andrew Haigh’s 45 Years which went down well in Keswick in 2015. Lean on Pete was released just too late for us to get it last season; it gets a viewing here with thanks to one of our members who suggested it. Haigh continues his compassionate style of directing, but this time in America with a story about Charley, a 15-year-old boy and a horse.

"A performance of remarkable depth, candour and vulnerability by rising star Charlie Plummer lies at the heart of this terrifically moving fourth feature film from British writer-director Andrew Haigh." - Mark Kermode
"Haigh's new film has the substance and emotional heft to be considered a masterpiece." Kevin Maher, The Times

Monday, September 10, 2018

In The Fade - Sunday 16th September 5pm

Prepare yourself to be sad, angry and thrilled all at once with In The Fade this Sunday at 5pm. Katja is a loving wife and mother. Life is looking better and better for her family as both parents recover from drug addiction and become good citizens, when both her husband and son are killed in a bomb blast. Katja is devastated, failing to hold herself together as the crime is investigated. The police think it is drug related, but could it be something a lot worse? And how will Katja cope if those to blame are not caught and punished?..

Also don't forget it's the AGM before the film at 4pm

Sunday, September 09, 2018

AGM - Sunday 16th September 4pm

We are holding our AGM at 4.00pm on Sunday 16th September in the Alhambra Cinema before the screening of In The Fade and would love to see a good turnout of members again.

This is your chance to comment on how you see the club and make any suggestions for the future. As well as getting reports on last year we will be deciding on a changed constitution to help us operate better in future. All the papers for the AGM are on the website.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Projector...Lights...Action - we are back... for our Twentieth year!

After such a great summer, how can we keep enjoying ourselves over the darkening autumn evenings? Well, good news; the Film Club starts again THIS SUNDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER. We will be there from 4.15pm if you want to come along and have a free celebratory drink; TWENTY YEARS of film is surely worth celebrating! This is also a chance to renew your membership if you want - £10 will save you £1.50 for every club film you see all year so definitely worth considering.

We start the new year with a comedy/drama that should get us all in the mood again; It’s French and comes from the directors of ‘Untouchable’, the film which went down so well in 2012.

C'est La Vie

"A bitter, laconic wedding planner; his chip-on-her shoulder protege; an ego maniacal groom; a post-nervous breakdown waiter who can't stop hitting on the bride: These are but a few of the pieces that form the rollicking French farce, 'C'est la vie'. Manic and earnest, the meticulously constructed plot whips by at a breakneck pace" 
Brent McKnight, Seattle Times