Saturday, April 06, 2013

AGM and Let The Bullets Fly - Sunday 4pm

Sunday will be your last chance to huddle together out of the biting wind for the collective warmth of the Keswick Film Club.

The afternoon starts with the AGM at 4.00pm, followed by (appropriately for such a politically charged outfit like KFC)  Let the Bullets Fly, a chinese, period gangster movie that is breaking box office records out east. Not the usual film club fare but it promises humour and violence in equal measure. It stars  Yun Fat Chow, who has an impressive resume and is directed by Wen Jiang, again a respected figure within the genre.

According to Village Voice:
" Decked out in designer suits and constantly bellowing with evil laughter, Chow makes for a regal baddie, and Jiang's agile direction ably keeps pace with the cat-and-mouse story's vigorous rat-a-tat dialogue. With Zhang driven by a desire to even the economic playing field, the film operates as an unsubtle but boisterous Robin Hood–style fable of socialist values."