Monday, November 27, 2017

The Ghoul - Sunday 3rd December 5pm

We have a mental twister for you this Sunday at 5.00 when we are back in the UK for - The Ghoul. Before you start thinking of zombies and ghosts, this ghoul is just someone who can't resist looking at crime scenes. Our hero, Chris is a policeman looking for a particular ghoul to help him solve a crime... OR is he a depressive who goes to a therapist for help?

"In other words, writer-director Gareth Tunley offers us not one but two diegetic routes through his feature debut, one paved in genre, the other in a more banal realism. While from early on it is clear – and meant to be clear – which is the master narrative and which the slave, the decision to present and interweave both through Chris's addled perspective ensures that fantasy continues to contaminate the most grounded of sequences, and vice versa" – Anton Bitel, Sight & Sound.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Other Side Of Hope - Sunday 26th November 5:00 PM

Four weeks ago we saw In Syria, experiencing the war from inside. In The Other Side Of Hope we have the story of Khaled, a Syrian refugee trying to make sense of Finland. It's a humorous look at two cultures ("Don’t smile in the street" another refugee advises, and the glum faces seem to bear that out.) It's also the story of numerous outsiders and misfits, not least Waldemar Wikström who gives him a job in a rather odd restaurant. Aki Kaurismäki gained the Golden Bear for best director at the Berlin Film Festival. It perhaps tells us something about all our attitudes to refugees.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hotel Salvation - Sunday 19th November 5pm

On our filmic trip round the world, we are stopping off in India this Sunday at 5.00 for Hotel Salvation. Specifically, we go to Varanasi; for those of you have been watching Sue Perkins trip down the Ganges on TV, you will know that Varanasi is THE place to go for Hindus to die and to be cremated on the side of their sacred Ganges river, so much so that hotels have sprung up for these people to spend their last days. Well, this is the desire of 77 year old Daya, who decides he is about to die. The film is a comedy drama about Daya and his son Rajiv who travel there and book in to ‘Hotel Salvation’ to wait...there journey of joint discovery should give us moments of joy and laughs as well as plenty of reasons to think.

Monday, November 06, 2017

God's Own Country - Sunday 12th November 5pm

God's Own Country has been impressing critics and audiences alike since it was voted the best film at Edinburgh Film Festival earlier this year. As someone who came to Cumbria from Yorkshire it comes as a relief after looking at films based around war to find something more familiar.  But the world of hill farms, not dissimilar to our own fell farms, is a hard one and none more so than here where the young man John feels himself imprisoned into running the farm after his father’s stroke even though he would rather be off to university with his friends. He is falling into depression when hope arrives in the form of a Romanian farm worker, Gheorge who possibly knows more about farming than John but certainly creates the love interest in the film. And with beautiful views of Yorkshire, what more could you want?