Monday, September 30, 2019

Last Summer + Director Q&A - Sunday 6th October 5:30pm

Another members' choice this week and we're going to be joined by the director Jon Jones to answer questions after the film. Please note we have a slightly later start time than usual of 5:30pm.

For those of you brought up in the countryside, remember those blissful, seemingly endless summers, playing games when you were young? Or for us townies, holidays away which went all too quickly... well this is the world we go back to with four young lads in remote Wales. Davy and brother Iwan run wild through the woods with their friends Rhys and Robbie, enjoying their little paradise... until a tragedy occurs.
"It captures the children's perspective on life perfectly and uses it to challenge adult assumptions about what's best for them - or for anyone dealing with trauma. The result is a cinematic gem" - Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film

Monday, September 23, 2019

Balloon - Sunday 29th September 5pm

Buckle up and prepare for adventure! The first of this season's films chosen by Members' ballot, this one should keep everyone on the edge of their seats. As the title suggests, the film is about a balloon journey, but this one follows two families trying to go from East Germany to West Germany in 1979... if they get it wrong, they risk imprisonment or even death.
"It is an engrossing mixture of adventure yarn and methodical police procedural that generates moments of pulse-racing tension" - Allan Hunter, The List

Monday, September 16, 2019

AGM + Varda by Agnes - Sunday 22nd September

It's our AGM on Sunday at 4pm before this week's film Varda by Agnès at 5pm. If you are a member please come along to the AGM to find out more about the last year of the Club, there are more details on our website.

Agnès Varda directed 55 films in her 60 years in the industry. She presented this documentary about herself at the Berlin Film Festival this year with film notes that said "I don't want to do press, I don't want to speak about my work. After Berlin, the film will be shown instead of me speaking!" This became very prophetic when she died a month later, aged 90.

"A parting gift from one of the greatest directors who ever lived." - Clarisse Loughrey, Independent

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Ash Is Purest White - Sunday 15th September 5pm

Ash Is Purest White this Sunday is "part crime epic, part woman-seeks-justice flick, part state of the nation address. It takes the staples of the gangster flick - the mobster's moll, gang rivalries, violent shoot outs - as a jumping off point for both a granular character study of a woman's resolve, and a macro portrait of China at the turn of the century where modernity is quickly outstripping tradition. Either way, it's a riveting picture driven by a fantastic performance by Zhao Tao as a wronged woman whose laser focus makes Kill Bill's The Bride look lackadaisical in comparison" - Ian Freer, Empire.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

AGM Sunday 22nd September 4pm

This year's AGM will be held at the Alhambra Cinema on 22nd September 2019, starting at 4.00pm and finishing in time for Varda by Agnes at 5pm.

The agenda and associated documents can be found in the committee section of the website.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Capernaum - Sunday 8th September 5pm

Summers go so quickly, but at least that means we can start sharing films again! This coming Sunday 8 September you have the chance to get a free drink, sign up for membership and an Autumn Pass (if you want) and have a chat with people you may not have seen since March, before sitting down and enjoying 'Capernaum' which we're told by everyone who has seen it is a superb film.

So we will be at the Alhambra from 4.15pm for those drinks, chats and membership cards and the film will start at 5.00pm as usual.