Monday, January 14, 2019

Columbus - Sunday 20th January 5pm

We have another film voted for by the members this week - the intriguing Columbus. John Cho plays Jin, in Columbus against his will as his father has been taken ill.  Haley Lu Richardson is Casey, who has been unable to leave town as she feels she has to look after her mother, a recovering addict. These problems, and their differing reactions to them,  bring them together as they wander around town discussing life...and…architecture! "Architecture has never been more romantic than in 'Columbus', single-name director Kogonada's stunningly beautiful film" - Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic. Casey - a would be architect - keeps trying to show Jin the beauty of the buildings; Jin is hard to impress.

Kogonada, influenced by Japanese director Ozu Yasujiro, has previously worked on 'video essays' of other directors, and he uses all the knowledge he has built up to make this beautiful film, where the buildings become the third star. As A. A. Dowd says in the AV Club: "Come for the breath taking architectural scenery, stay for the likable pair staring up at it." John Cho is one of those actors who seems to demand your attention.